Dream Garden: Clontarf

The Clontarf Project

The Clontarf project was a special one, due to the history behind the house we were working on. It was a couple of hundred years old and was once owned by the local church as the parish priest's residence.

When a husband and wife from Clontarf bought it with the intention of turning it into a motivational and wellness space for their business, they approached Peninsula Stone to create a garden that would inspire their clients.

They wanted a garden that would complement their business, one that was not just a normal garden with grass and a few shrubs, but a true oasis that would help people gather their thoughts and be at peace.

To achieve this, we incorporated a diverse array of features and materials, all sourced from Ireland to showcase the best of what the country had to offer.



One of the standout features was the Donegal quartz walling and paving, which created a visually striking and durable surface.

A large automated vehicle and pedestrian gate, fabricated from powder coated steel and timber, paired with a Donegal Quartz driveway surface made for an impressive entrance to the garden.

The Kilkenny limestone paving added another layer of texture and was combined with salvaged limestone walls and seats, creating cozy and inviting spaces to sit and reflect.

Wicklow granite was utilised for its strength and beauty, while timber screening provided privacy and a natural backdrop.

To add a pop of colour and visual interest, we incorporated coloured rendered walls throughout the garden.

A large Howth stone water feature became the focal point, offering soothing sounds and a serene atmosphere for visitors.

Tobermore retro paving brought a modern touch to the garden, and we used quality topsoil to ensure the growth and health of the plants.

Exterior lighting was carefully planned to enhance the garden's beauty during the evening hours, and specialist drainage systems were installed to maintain the garden's structural integrity.

Finally, we included Irish-designed sculptures, which added a unique artistic element and further emphasised the garden's connection to Ireland.

Working closely with a horticulturist from the Botanic Gardens, we designed a garden that incorporated all these elements, creating an inspiring and peaceful space for the clients' business.

As I said; the Clontarf project was a special one for me, as it allowed us to create an inspiring and peaceful garden using a wide variety of locally sourced materials and features.

The collaboration with the clients and the horticulturist resulted in a garden that not only complemented their wellness-focused business but also showcased the beauty and craftsmanship of Irish materials and design.

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